What People Are Saying

I have no words to describe how I feel about your magazine. Ok, well yes I do … It’s really a book. With a good feel, the pages are meaty with a yummie tooth. Gorgeous photos. Gentle flow. I adore your invitation to carry it to the beach and write on the dog eared pages. I am in love and will purchase copies for my friends.

- Deb Taylor, Instagram follower -

I couldn’t put it down until it was read cover to cover. I loved the feel of the pages … This publication is much like a beautiful coffee table book with gorgeous photographs and inspiring text.
Loved it!

- Irma Peredne, Facebook fan -

The feel and touch of this magazine is unbelievable. When your fingertips flex across the pages, the sensation is full and complete, an experience not easily forgotten. Bella Grace is exquisite.

- Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine™ -