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One day I was having a self love day. A day alone to spoil myself and do what makes me happy. At some point during that day I was browsing the shelves of Barnes and Noble looking through all the books. I had no intentions to buy anything, it was enough to just walk through the shelves with the fresh smell of books and the quiet store surrounding me. I made my way over to the magazine shelf and somehow a Bella Grace magazine jumped out at me. It was like it was the only thing I saw even though I had never seen one before. I picked it off the shelf and leafed through the pages. The photographs drew me in and I read a few titles. I knew I needed to have it. As soon as I bought it I couldn’t wait to get home and read it. I made some afternoon tea, pushed my white lace curtains aside to allow the sun to fully shine into my room and crawled into bed. There with my tea and my very first Bella Grace magazine the time began to slip away from me. It may have been 2 or even 3 hours before I finished it. I loved every article. It was filled with so much inspiration and happiness and what I felt like was a whole new world of people that felt like I did and wanted to live their lives like I did. So much beauty and beautiful thought crammed into a magazine and I was in love. Now Bella Grace has become my go to reminder of how I want to live my live and I am so thankful for that. You guys are awesome!

- Ashley Honkala -

I so love this publication! I hesitated to subscribe because I am past the age of the young women featured in your publication but I find so much enjoyment in the observations of these writers. I have learned that no matter my age I can and do identify with the descriptions of nature and life. Thank you and just in case you are wondering, I am seventy-four years old.

- Linda -

This is truly like no other magazine I have ever picked up – from its matte pages, it had me a first feel. As a writer, the purposeful & inspirational stories are on another level from the meaningless and redundant banter that muddles up most magazines today. As a photographer, I see the pages as works of art filled with stunning and emotional images that make you get lost. Part journal, part magazine- each seasonal edition is like a keepsake. A means of helping you reflect on your life- to find the beauty and joy in your days. It is truly a welcomed escape from the bombardment of political rhetoric, celebrity gossip, and pointless words.

- Brit, Instagram Follower -

So, I haven’t posted that I got my new Bella Grace magazine until now. Guys, I am telling you and I tell everyone that sees me read it, this magazine is worth every cent. If you need food for your soul, this is the magazine. This magazine has served me so well during this school year.

- Anna, Instagram follower -

These days, in this crazy world, we need to take the time to reflect on the lovely, small, beautiful things about our lives and ourselves. This publication is a great way to transition from a long day into a peaceful night. It’s soothing and beautiful and has a way of reminding me that we are all in this together – we are all flawed yet precious. For me, spending a few minutes with it before bed creates a bit of a meditative state, allows my mind to let go of the stress and negativity and to focus on the simple yet meaningful. Sometimes I struggle with insomnia, and I’m learning, when I wake up with my head spinning about my challenges, the choices I should or shouldn’t have made, etc., to shift my thinking back to one of the sweet stories or passages in the magazine. I drift back to sleep nicely. It’s such a treasure.

- Deanne Wertin -

This magazine was meant for YOU. It will encourage you, empower you, inspire you, nurture you and pull all your heart strings. I tell everyone about Bella Grace. Not only is it full of heart worthy stories, and photographs, there are prompts and lots of beautiful spaces to write your thoughts and words. Before I ever read my first issue of Bella Grace, I was completely sold on the quality put into this magazine. The pages are super nice and thick making it my most favorite writing journal. If you want to do something special and worthy for yourself or someone else, you can’t go wrong with Bella Grace. Today I am subscribing and picking up a couple of missed issues. It will always be on top of my “Me” list. Grateful for everyone that makes this magazine possible!

- Kim Collister -

I stopped reading most mainstream magazines because I became disenchanted with the ads and constant advice. Your magazines are total immersion therapy for soulful art and inspiration.

- Frances Macias-Souza, Facebook fan -

These exquisite publications feed the souls of readers. I love them!

- Kathy Bassford, Facebook fan -

Just crawled into bed with a soothing drink and the latest issue of Bella Grace magazine. From page one I fell in love all over again. Coming home tonight I was hoping it was here. I craved the comfort of a quiet night with this beauty.

- Lori Price, Facebook fan -

My daughter and I ADORE this magazine! Thank you, thank you for presenting such a beautiful gift!

- Donna Fellows, Facebook fan -

I love, love your magazine. I couldn’t wait to get to Barnes & Noble last week. I purchased all 4 copies that they had on the shelf. Thank you for the beauty in this magazine!!!

- Toni Larson Price, Facebook fan -

I felt the need to write and let you know how much I love your magazine. It’s really too nice to be called a magazine. I purchase it on the first day out and savor it for special moments of “me” time. I don’t want to rush through it or be interrupted when I pick it up. Your publication encompasses all that I love … photography, quotes, journaling, and poetry. I have obtained all the issues but the First one, which I’m still seeking. These magazines will be kept with me always … keeping me company when the winter years come. It will remind me that beauty and love never diminish. Thank you for such a beautiful source of everyday living and life.

- Denise -