What People Are Saying

I love, love your magazine. I couldn’t wait to get to Barnes & Noble last week. I purchased all 4 copies that they had on the shelf. Thank you for the beauty in this magazine!!!

- Toni Larson Price, Facebook fan -

I felt the need to write and let you know how much I love your magazine. It’s really too nice to be called a magazine. I purchase it on the first day out and savor it for special moments of “me” time. I don’t want to rush through it or be interrupted when I pick it up. Your publication encompasses all that I love … photography, quotes, journaling, and poetry. I have obtained all the issues but the First one, which I’m still seeking. These magazines will be kept with me always … keeping me company when the winter years come. It will remind me that beauty and love never diminish. Thank you for such a beautiful source of everyday living and life.

- Denise -

I love your magazine. The best one out there I think. I have all the issues and just picked up issue number 10. As always you didn’t disappoint – so good. I’ve only flipped the pages and read just a couple of articles – I’ll have more time tomorrow to sit and really enjoy. The one about the $2 coffee….OMGoodness. Tears and happiness all at one time. GREAT story.

- Marcella Raplee, Facebook fan -

I just picked up your publication today and all I can say is WOW!!! From the paper to the pictures to the articles…it is just stunning. I found myself just glancing through it while waiting to pick up my daughter and I have never seen a publication done so beautifully. It speaks to each person on a level like no other. THIS is what I strive for in life–I’ve lost too much…been through too much…and this just pulled me in–simply beautiful and cozy! I can’t wait to add my own notes, thoughts, and actually get to curl up with it and a hot chocolate! ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!!! Now I have to find all the back issues!

- Lisa Alpert, Facebook fan -

Thank you, Bella Grace! Issue 9 was my first introduction to Bella Grace magazine… and I loved it!! Not only a beautifully made magazine, but filled to the brim with wonderful articles, pictures and thought-filled gems! My first, of your magazine, but certainly… not my last!!

- Linda Kell Gilbert, Facebook fan -

Love this so much, I got my sister hooked who normally NEVER likes magazines. But let’s be real, this is so much more than a magazine. It’s a place to curl up with a nice cup of tea and be yourself.

- Sharon Carson, Facebook fan -

I want you to meet someone …

Actually, it’s not a person, but if it were, she would be soft, beautiful, adventurous, encouraging, and lovely.

Her name is Bella Grace and I’ve been anticipating her arrival for months.

Her pages are thick and quality and they possess words and pictures that feed my feminine side.

She offers places to share my own thoughts and dreams and encourages me to be myself.

Such as this Gratitude List …

Bella said – “fill it up, and we mean it” – and so I did.

Things that make me happy and things I am thankful for.

There are more pages like this; pages that make you stop and think and pour out thoughts on paper, so as to set them in your mind and heart.    We all need this sometimes.    Or at least I do.

Sometimes, all you need is refreshing.

A little beauty, softness, a good book and a cup of your favorite drink.

Sit in your favorite spot, take a few minutes and just be a woman.

It will do your heart good.

- Debbie; A Million Skies -

I am 22 years old and I just wanted to say a brief, but HUGE thank you for putting out the magazine Bella Grace. This magazine has spoken to me so many times when I needed it the most. You have inspired me beyond words and let me know that there are in fact others in life who are like me. I can’t describe the way your magazine makes me feel and the way it causes me to come alive. You stir things up in me that I didn’t even know were there. Thank you isn’t enough, but thank you to everyone and all your hard work. You guys have been life changing. I anxiously await the next issue.

– Alexis Larimer -

I just discovered your magazine today. I purchased my first copy and I am in love. I am savoring each picture and the beautiful words that are in the pages of your magazine. Your magazine is so me right now.

– Hannah Shaw, Facebook fan -

I Love this magazine and have every issue so far. They look incredibly beautiful on my book shelves. I’ve taken to do the writing bits on really pretty stationery and just sticking them into the magazines that way when my daughter is older she can see my answers but the magazine is still free for her to use if she wants.

– Vanessa Winn, Facebook fan -

Oh dearest Bella Grace, this mag is pure joy and all I could think of is how my heart and soul would love to be a part of it! How does your hiring process work for writers and/or photographers. Please oh please do tell. Xo

– Jasmin Nelson, Facebook fan -

I just picked up my summer copy and I’m in love by the end of the editors note! My favorite thing about this magazine is that I read it over and over, waiting impatiently for the next issue. The point being I wait. I have something to surprise and delight me in the future. I don’t remember when we stopped waiting for things, but you are all worth it.

- Brittany Almonaci, Facebook fan -