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15 Ways to Savor Summer Slowly

Summer is a time of year marked with unhurried moments and simple pleasures. It is when we all seem to slow down — whether intentionally or not — immersing ourselves…

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15 Quotes to Make You Excited for Summer’s Arrival

As the calendar approaches June, you can begin to feel summer’s arrival in the air. The long days are filled with sunshine that seems to linger in the evening. There…

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Embracing the Magic of Summer

Summer is here. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and life seems to have slowed down a bit. Though we can’t have the long stretch of carefree days…

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The Ultimate Summer Playlist

There are some songs that seem to embody the lightness that comes with summer. You hear just a few notes and you immediately feel freer and happier; you simply have…

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My 5 Go-To Summer Reads

Words: Christen Hammons Photo credit: Annie Spratt   It’s no secret that I’m a huge bookworm. From the moment my mom taught me to read “Hop on Pop” by Dr.…

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A Summer Recipe: Fig Bruschetta with Cashew Ricotta

  Words: Michelle Gerrard-Marriott Photo credit: Michelle Gerrard-Marriott   We often associate romance with relationships and it is so easily forgotten that there are many romances to experience in this…