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Visual Roadmaps: Vision Boards and Mood Boards

As the year draws to a close, there seems to be a natural inclination for introspection and anticipation that stirs within us. The impending transition to a new year –…

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Self-Compassion: Fostering a Kind Relationship with Yourself

Did you know the Latin root that the word “compassion” originated from means “to suffer with”? Compassion is an empathetic emotional response to someone’s suffering that makes you want to…

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Words of Encouragement: 12 Motivational Quotes of Strength

Whether life has thrown you a curve ball, or you just need some gentle words of encouragement, here are 12 of our favorite inspirational quotes about strength and encouragement from…

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25 Ways to Practice Self-Love

We recently asked our Bella community on Instagram about their favorite ways to practice self-love and were so inspired by the responses! We’ve compiled a selection for you to try…

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Meet Yourself with Kindness

I was good at self-care: I got pedicures, took yoga, and made lunch dates. Still, I had a nagging feeling of “not enough.”

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How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

  What if you decide to love yourself … first … best … irrevocably?

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Embracing Who We Are, Where We Are

  When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

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The Choir of Chaotic Voices

  The sound of a choir singing together brings to mind harmony, exaltation, a blissful sound.   It is uplifting and joyous. It can move us emotionally and with great…

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To the Girl in Braided Pigtails

    It’s funny how life never turns out how you envisioned it would as a child.   I am at an age where I recognize this, accept it, and…

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Finding Stillness Through the Senses

  Sometimes I just want a “do-over.”   Have you ever felt that way? You wake up and things just don’t flow well… the coffee spills, the toddler doesn’t want…

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25 Autumn Inspired Self-Care Possibilities

Words: Tina Zarlenga Photo credit: Johanna Love   Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons. With the crisp scents and bright colors who wouldn’t fall in love? But…

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17 Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes to Live By

Words: Hayley Solano Photo credit: Hayley Solano   On a Sunday morning not too long ago, I was sitting at the coffee table with a cup of tea and notebook,…