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Words of Encouragement: 12 Motivational Quotes of Strength

Whether life has thrown you a curve ball, or you just need some gentle words of encouragement, here are 12 of our favorite inspirational quotes about strength and encouragement from…

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Game Shows & Soup in a Mug: An Ideal Sick Day

When I was growing up, staying home from school for a sick day often felt like a little treat. I was lucky enough to have a mom who stayed at…

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7 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Life

  We’ve reached the point of winter where most of us are longing for the warmer days ahead. As March approaches, many people look to welcome the new season with…

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15 Tiny Ways I Add Positivity to My Life

Google “how to be happy,” and you’ll be met with 226,000,000 results as proof of our collective search for bliss. However, even with that much information at hand, there’s never…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Care

    This year, pledge to care for yourself in truly meaningful ways.

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My Monday Night Ritual

  I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who likes Mondays. If you do, hats off to you, but I think you’re one of the very few. My favorite…

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Hygge: Forever in Search of Cozy

  For years I’ve had a fascination with creating the coziest life possible.   I’ve filled my dresser drawers with fuzzy socks, covered my couch with as many throw blankets…

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25 Autumn Inspired Self-Care Possibilities

Words: Tina Zarlenga Photo credit: Johanna Love   Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons. With the crisp scents and bright colors who wouldn’t fall in love? But…

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An Ode to Gardening

Words: Amber Bartek Photo credit: Brooke Cagle   Imagine a lush garden in your backyard teeming with growth and abundance — full of life. You grow your own fresh ear…

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The Wonders of Diving

Words: Kayla Dean Photo credit: Tim Marshall   If you’ve ever swam, stood by, lived by, or even flown over an ocean once, you know that deep waters hold a…

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A Summer Recipe: Fig Bruschetta with Cashew Ricotta

  Words: Michelle Gerrard-Marriott Photo credit: Michelle Gerrard-Marriott   We often associate romance with relationships and it is so easily forgotten that there are many romances to experience in this…

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11 Lessons Yoga Taught Me About Creativity

Words: Kayla Dean Photo credit: Lumina Images, Bella Grace Issue 1 Digital Issue   As I balance my left foot and move into tree pose, I anchor myself as if…