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Life Lessons From Literary Heroines

On the way back to the orphanage after learning Green Gables was not to be her home, a heartbroken Anne Shirley declared, “I’ve made up my mind to enjoy this…

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Living Legacy

I often find that I am stuck in someday. In my mind I build a legacy of memories and experiences that I plan to accomplish in the future. And in…

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The Perfect Time for a Refresh

Every year when I spot the back-to-school sales at the local big box stores, I get a little jealous. I remember with fondness that extra-long day spent at the mall…

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6 Surefire Ways to Make Your Day Count

One thing about our world: There are more ways to receive advice than ever before. A century ago, the main directions you’d get for living might come from your mom,…

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The Three Podcasts I Can’t Turn Off

Living in Southern California, I’ve had to accept the fact that there will be traffic no matter what time I’m on the road. My 15-mile commute to work takes 50…

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Prioritizing Joy

    I recently had one of those moments where my heart filled with complete joy. You know those moments … the ones where you look around, take a deep…

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Life Cleanup

It’s time to look at spring cleaning from a different angle.

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Pottery Wheel Wisdom

  What form this piece is going to take, I don’t yet know.

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Embracing Who We Are, Where We Are

  When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

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Capturing Tiny Moments of Happiness

  The week is nearly over though I’m convinced it just started.   It’s funny how much quicker time seems to go by as we get older. Our days are…

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The Choir of Chaotic Voices

  The sound of a choir singing together brings to mind harmony, exaltation, a blissful sound.   It is uplifting and joyous. It can move us emotionally and with great…

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Spring Storm

  It is early spring, and it’s raining ferociously.   Beyond the raindrops dotting my window the crown of a cotton wood slaps in the wind. I feel crampy but…