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March 21, 2024

9 Delightful Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Home

Welcome Spring

Can you feel it? The air is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and nature is waking up slowly from slumber. Now is the time to cast off the winter blues and invite the freshness of spring into your home.

1. Bring Nature Indoors with Fresh Plants and Flowers

There’s something magical about having fresh flowers and greenery in your home. As spring blooms in full splendor, consider bringing in a variety of seasonal plants and flowers. Tulips, peonies, and lilacs are classic choices that bring cheerful colors and delightful fragrances. 

A space-efficient way is to create a vertical garden instead of opting for traditional potted plants. Use hanging planters, wall-mounted pots, or DIY vertical planters.

2. Make Scented Spring Sachets

Infuse your home with delightful scents by making scented spring sachets. Fill small fabric pouches or organza bags with dried flowers, herbs, and spices like lavender, chamomile, rose petals, cinnamon, and citrus peels. Tie them with ribbon or twine and place them in drawers, closets, and linen cabinets to add a refreshing aroma to your living spaces. You can also hang sachets in different rooms to enjoy the natural fragrance throughout your home.

3. Organize and Refresh Your Space

Spring is the perfect time to organize and declutter your home for spaciousness and clarity. Start by decluttering closets, cabinets, and storage areas, then donate or recycle items you no longer need. Organize belongings using bins, drawer dividers, baskets, or other storage solutions to keep everything accessible and tidy. 

Moreover, as spring calls for a light and airy atmosphere, update your decor with lighter fabrics and pastel colors. Replace heavy curtains with sheer ones so natural light can filter through, creating an inviting space. Likewise, give your bedroom a spring makeover by swapping out heavy winter blankets for lightweight quilts or duvet covers in floral prints or pastel hues, such as soft blues, greens, and pinks. 

9 Delightful Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Home

Photo by Jimena Roquero | Bella Grace Issue 35

4. Grow a Fresh Herb Garden in the Kitchen

Bring the flavors and scents of spring into your kitchen with a fresh herb garden. Set up a window sill or countertop garden using small pots or containers filled with herbs like basil, mint, cilantro, rosemary, and thyme. Not only will you have easy access to fresh herbs for cooking, but you will also liven up your kitchen with the greenery.

Find gardening inspiration in In Her Garden magazine.

5. Celebrate Spring with Seasonal Decorations

Start by adorning your front door with a vibrant spring wreath featuring flowers, greenery, and cheerful accents like bows or ribbons. Inside, display Easter decorations like painted eggs, bunny figurines, or spring-themed artwork. Scatter floral-themed decor like vases filled with fresh flowers, botanical prints, or decorative pillows with floral patterns. These charming touches bring a sense of joy and celebration to your home.

6. Take on DIY Projects

Get creative and celebrate the spirit of spring with DIY projects that embrace renewal and natural beauty. 

  • Make a botanical-themed gallery wall displaying prints or pressed flowers
  • Create handmade potpourri filled with dried petals, herbs, and spices for a natural and fragrant touch. 
  • Put together floral wreaths or garlands using flowers, greenery, and decorative accents. 

Discover a wealth of DIY projects within the pages of GreenCraft magazine.

7. Design a Seasonal Tablescape

Set a charming table for spring gatherings and meals by creating a seasonal tablescape that reflects the season’s beauty. Start with a crisp tablecloth or runner in a light color as the foundation. Arrange a centerpiece using fresh flowers or potted plants in a decorative vase or container. Add spring-themed dinnerware such as plates, bowls, and serving pieces adorned with nature-inspired patterns. Complete the look with coordinating napkins, glassware, and placemats to create a festive tablescape for enjoying family meals or entertaining guests.

Learn more about tablescaping in Mingle magazine.

Welcome Spring

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta | Bella Grace Book Of Lists Volume 2

8. Hang a Floral Chandelier

Upgrade your lighting fixtures for spring by hanging a floral chandelier in your dining room or entryway. You can purchase a ready-made chandelier adorned with faux or real blooms. Or, create a DIY version using a wire frame and artificial flowers. Pick a design that suits your home’s decor, whether elegant and contemporary or rustic and bohemian. The floral chandelier will add a romantic and whimsical ambiance to your space.

9. Create Spring Terrariums

Choose a variety of glass containers, such as mason jars, glass bowls, or geometric terrariums. Fill them with layers of pebbles, activated charcoal, potting soil, and moss. Then, add small plants like succulents, air plants, or ferns alongside decorative elements like mini figurines, colored sand, or tiny blossoms. These charming terrariums will bring a touch of nature indoors and serve as eye-catching decor pieces.


What’s your favorite way to welcome spring into your home?

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