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The Beauty of Handwritten Letters

As the world is undoubtedly moving towards digital communication, handwritten letters are fast becoming a rare commodity. In fact, most people haven’t written a personal letter in years, as per…

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10 Practical Tips on Making Daily Journaling More Enjoyable

Journaling is a powerful method for fostering creativity and personal growth, not just for self-reflection. It provides a haven for expressing thoughts and emotions, setting objectives, and tracking progress. However,…

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Be the Voice of a New Generation

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Bella Grace: New Generation! This new magazine, hitting newsstands in the spring of 2018, will feature everything you know and love about Bella…

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Four Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

As an editor of several magazines, I have a lot of different writing assignments.

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To the Girl in Braided Pigtails

    It’s funny how life never turns out how you envisioned it would as a child.   I am at an age where I recognize this, accept it, and…

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The Other List

    “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” — Socrates     Preparing for a trip recently, I found myself overwhelmed with an especially long to-do list.     As…

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Be a Part of Bella Grace! Our Winter Issue Deadline is Approaching

Words: Heather Taylor Photo credit: Lisa RedWillow   “There’s beauty in ordinary life, pages full of stories that turn ordinary into magical moments… Bits of magic everywhere you look from…

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The Magic of Writing on a Typewriter

Words: Kayla Dean Photo credit: Kayla Dean   He carried a floral gift bag bigger than any purse I owned into my kitchen. My birthday present. I wore a dress…