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The Beauty of Handwritten Letters

As the world is undoubtedly moving towards digital communication, handwritten letters are fast becoming a rare commodity. In fact, most people haven’t written a personal letter in years, as per…

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Visual Roadmaps: Vision Boards and Mood Boards

As the year draws to a close, there seems to be a natural inclination for introspection and anticipation that stirs within us. The impending transition to a new year –…

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A Basket of Sunshine

After enduring months of cold, dark, dreary days, it can be easy to feel like the sun may never shine again. Putting together a “basket of sunshine” is a thoughtful…

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The 10 Best Gifts for Introverts

The holiday season can be such a magical time for many of us. The scent of delicious meals and desserts fill our homes. Candles and twinkle lights make the walls…

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The Power of The Mug

Every morning I quietly slip downstairs, sometimes with my 4-year-old niece in tow, and open up the large cabinets as my eyes fall directly to the middle shelf. I have…

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6 Surefire Ways to Make Your Day Count

One thing about our world: There are more ways to receive advice than ever before. A century ago, the main directions you’d get for living might come from your mom,…

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Say Yes: 3 Inspirational Women on Living Passionately

  Passion is whatever nurtures your unique spark and lets it blaze untamed.

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Pottery Wheel Wisdom

  What form this piece is going to take, I don’t yet know.

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Cultivate Creativity Wherever You Are + Project Idea

  Some of my best ideas found me when I wasn’t looking.   A song on the radio, walks through glistening snow, and early morning coffee runs are a few…

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Finding My Voice Through My Guitar

  Before I’d play golden music on my Fender guitar, I’d admire the stained wood and strings. Every day was the same: the moment I returned home from school, I…

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Introducing A Somerset Holiday

    Some of us will reinvent ourselves several times over the course of a lifespan. Maybe you already have. It’s never too late to set new goals. Change direction.…

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A Different Point of View

Words: Diana Foster Photo credit: Diana Foster   Early in my artistic journey, macro photography beckoned.    The sharp focus of a water droplet on a flower petal is dramatic…