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15 Quotes to Make You Excited for Summer’s Arrival

As the calendar approaches June, you can begin to feel summer’s arrival in the air. The long days are filled with sunshine that seems to linger in the evening. There…

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15 Ways to Embrace Joy & Delight This Spring

I’ve never been one to make serious resolutions when a new year arrives and instead take two different approaches. I think of the things I will not be doing in…

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A Basket of Sunshine

After enduring months of cold, dark, dreary days, it can be easy to feel like the sun may never shine again. Putting together a “basket of sunshine” is a thoughtful…

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30 Days of Cozy

  As we eagerly wait for winter to begin, here are 30 simple ways to embrace the coziness and comfort we all crave.

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The Gift of Flowers: How to Host Your Own Floral Workshop

As we anticipate the arrival of spring, we’re sharing an inspiring story that celebrates the gift of flowers along with tips on how to host your own floral workshop! This…

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The Ultimate Summer Playlist

There are some songs that seem to embody the lightness that comes with summer. You hear just a few notes and you immediately feel freer and happier; you simply have…

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The 10 Best Gifts for Introverts

The holiday season can be such a magical time for many of us. The scent of delicious meals and desserts fill our homes. Candles and twinkle lights make the walls…

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10 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Fall

Though my school days are far behind me, it’s hard to think of fall without thinking about the chance to start anew. When I was younger, my excitement came from…

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A Bella Summer Bucket List

Summertime has officially arrived! We love to view the arrival of new seasons as an opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh as well as celebrate. As part of the summer celebration,…

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My Five Favorite Ways to Welcome Spring

As soon as the daffodils in my front yard start to bloom, I know spring is just around the corner. Living in Southern California, we are blessed with wonderful weather…

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Savoring the Last Days of Summer

As sweaters and ankle boots begin to appear in stores, and the smell of pumpkin spice fills every coffee shop, it feels as though Southern California hasn’t gotten the memo…

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A Bella Summer Bucket List 2019

We recently asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook to share what is on their summer bucket list. It came as no surprise that we were incredibly inspired by your…