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October 11, 2021

— Amy

This feels like a ‘long time listener, first time caller’ moment.

I’m currently reading your Autumn 2020 issue and it feels like how I envision fall should be. Donna Wallace writes about more then simple pumpkin spice thrown around like salt, and I need this.

In this time we live in, I have learned more than a few things and the number one thing is how I put my own life on hold. My cares, my beliefs, the things that make me.

I buy Bella Grace for the call that the writers and artists write inside: the call to exist as I am and not how I make myself to be to fit in.

It doesn’t shake me to my core to read this, it gently waves from the shore to come sit and have a cup of tea and maybe release the tears I’ve been holding in, or breathe in air that isn’t from an air conditioner.

Thank you for calling out to me, though you don’t know me. Thank you for being more then pumpkin spice, but not throwing the spice out either.

They say there’s a whole world that calls out to you, and in this time where the world is basically closed for maintenance, I have found this person that needs me and I have been ignoring for that great big world. It took the world feeling like it was ending for me to see how much I, first and foremost, need me.

Thank you for all the issues you’ve put out since February of 2019, when I wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single person instead of dreading in. It was an honor to read and feel blessed instead of broken.

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