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April 25, 2024

— Carol

Good Afternoon
I was introduced to your lovely magazine yesterday.
I work 3 jobs in Fort McMurray Alberta and am always on the go between them all , not much time to rest . I came to Vancouver Island to visit family and decided I wanted a magazine to read while here . I picked up all the usual yoga and health magazines and nothing really moved me . I picked up Bella Grace , one I had never seen before and looked quickly through it .
“Yes this is the one” I said to myself .
I’m so very grateful I picked it up , when I opened its pages to sit down and read , the first story spoke very loud to me , it brought tears to my eyes . It was the shopping story of taking time to listen . I identified with the author who spoke about her grocery mission , I’m always on a mission in my life and as I read  her words , I realized  how much I have most likely missed out on because I’m always on a mission to get things done .
I love your magazine !!! I’m only in the first pages of it but I am so looking forward to going through it , it is the new beginning of my journey to sit , be still and listen .
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