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August 4, 2017

— Natalie Pflugrad

Bella Grace is advertisement-free (LOVE!!!), thoughtfully bound in high-quality paper and print colors. It’s a treasure trove of snapshots, inspiration, lists, shared stories, reflections, and pictures of everyday magical moments that are created by the audience for the audience and resonate within all. It is a work of art, a shared history, a sisterhood for women from all walks of life to grow and fuel their beautiful life’s journey. Never have I found a magazine (only books) so real that both admires and supports the wonders of women. Between these pages I find a morning or evening meditation, and a reminder to seek the peace, beauty, courage for needed change, and mindfulness in life. I’ll be adding these to my personal library for years to come. I recommend this to every woman, young to old–it’s beyond worth every penny. In fact, I’ll be sending a copy to my younger sister this week to start off her final year of undergrad!

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