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May 3, 2016

20 Tiny Victories Worth Celebrating

20 Tiny Victories Worth Celebrating

Words: Christen Hammons
Photo credit: Nasos Zovoilis, Bella Grace


We’ve all had those days — maybe even weeks or months — where absolutely nothing seems to go right. Your morning toast burned, your car wouldn’t start, you spilled your coffee all over yourself … and it’s only 9 am!

When those days happen, it’s important to look at what did go right, even if it’s just the tiniest of things. Holding tight to those small victories can quickly change your mindset. Here is a list of my favorite victories worth celebrating.

  1. Waking up before the alarm goes off.
  2. Achieving the perfect wing with my eyeliner.
  3. Hitting no traffic on my morning or evening commute.
  4. Turning on the radio and instantly hearing my favorite song.
  5. Getting my dog into the house from the backyard with no struggle.
  6. A fabulous hair day.
  7. Finding a book I’ve been dying to read available at the library.
  8. Taking the first sip of coffee and finding it’s just the right temperature.
  9. Doing the laundry and not losing a sock.
  10. Trying on a pair of jeans and them fitting on the first try.
  11. Remembering I have a coupon for something I have to buy.
  12. Having a picture taken of myself that I don’t want to immediately delete.
  13. That feeling I get right as I’m about to doze off.
  14. Scratching an itch I can actually reach.
  15. Buying something and finding out it’s on clearance.
  16. Waking up and finding my husband has already made the coffee.
  17. Painting my nails and not instantly messing them up.
  18. Not having to share the armrest on a flight.
  19. The hot water running out just as I’m getting out of the shower.
  20. Looking through my closet and finding that the clothes I want to wear are clean and pressed.

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Your list of tiny victories may look completely different than mine, and that’s okay! In fact, I love seeing how different they can be. If you care to share your list with Bella Grace, please feel free to email them to [email protected].

My best,


Editor-In-Chief, Bella Grace

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Deb Schaefer

    April 19, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    I love your list! It is a matter a focus and intention. Looking up, instead of down. Celebrating (or at least noticing) tiny victories versus spiraling with misfortunes. I believe I have advised my daughters on this topic from pre-school forward: have an attitude of gratitude, you have a choice in how you respond to situations, re-direct your attention to what is working versus what is frustrating. The irony of course is I have to remind myself of these same lessons often. I play a major role in how my day unfolds – and it is contingent on tuning into the tiny miracles versus the combative parts of my day. I will have to assemble my list and email you! xo

  2. Sandy

    April 19, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    I absolutely love this magazine!! Cover to cover, I find inspiration!! I just wish it was available in more places!! I believe there is a place for Belle Grace in everyone’s home!

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