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March 10, 2023

30 Letters to Write in 30 Days

30 Letters to Write in 30 Days

Embracing the art of letter writing is a wonderful way to add a romantic touch to your everyday life. The thought of sitting down with some beautiful stationery and penning a note to a loved one makes our hearts flutter a bit, as does the idea of going to our mailbox and finding a note addressed to us. If you’d like to bring back this charming art, April is the perfect time to start because it’s National Letter-Writing Month. Here are 30 letters to write in 30 days.


1. Someone you admire
2. An older relative
3. A teacher who had an impact on your life
4. Your favorite author
5. A friend you’ve lost touch with
6. Your mail carrier
7. Someone you’d like to get to know better
8. A friend you only communicate with through text or email
9. Your parents
10. A neighbor
11. Someone who is going through hard times
12. An online friend
13. Someone you are proud of
14. A person who needs some encouragement
15. Your child(ren)
16. Someone who is far from home
17. Your future self
18. Someone who you hurt in the past
19. A celebrity you admire
20. Your past self
21. A person with whom you share an inside joke
22. Your childhood best friend’s parents
23. A local business that’s been helpful
24. A coworker
25. Someone you miss
26. A stranger
27. Someone you’d like to meet
28. The person who gave you your happiest memory
29. Your significant other
30. A healthcare provider who helped you

Click here to view or download a printable version of this list!

This content was borrowed from Bella Grace Issue 35, which is available for purchase from our publisher’s website.

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