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October 29, 2018

Bella Grace Presents: A Look Behind the Cover of The Cozy Issue

Bella Grace Magazine is putting its special touch on “hygge” — the Danish concept of embracing a feeling of coziness, warmth, charm, and simplicity.

Within The Cozy Issue, women of all ages will be charmed by stories that capture simple, slow living, and tiny moments of happiness.

This year Bella Grace wants you to find your cozy by …

  • Building a Bank Account of Comfort
  • Learning the Art Of Cozy Living With Betsy May
  • Plan the Best Hot Chocolate Party
  • Hygge This Valentine’s Day (Even if You are Single!)
  • Keep the Hygge Feeling Going All-Year Round
  • Reflect on What Makes a Home Cozy

Here’s a look inside:

Valentine’s Day has always been one of Betsy Kay’s favorite holidays, regardless of whether she was in a relationship or not. It’s a day not only to celebrate loved ones, but a day to celebrate ourselves as well! So Betsy put together a list of 10 ways to show ourselves a little self-care on Valentine’s Day.



It’s incredible what simple and unexpected items can bring us joy. In “Under a Frayed Rose Poem” Ella Wilson describes how a simple, beloved blanket has brought, and continues to bring, her family so much comfort.



Nancy L. Agneberg shares how not only shawls bring her joy and comfort, but they also inspire her. She challenges herself to carry that sense of comfort out into the world on a daily basis to inspire and help comfort others.



Betsy Kay compiles a list of seven easy ways to practice hygge everyday, including a recipe for a yummy, warm-winter drink,  Chaga Chai!



Sneak Peek: 5 Unexpected Ways to Cozy-Up

“Cozy” does not have to be about fall, winter, or even summer weather. It’s a concept that encompasses our individuality, the things that we love and things that we love to do, whether that happens to be reading alone by candlelight or surrounding yourself with loved ones.

What are some cozy ideas that are original and unique to you?

1. I love to play the piano by candlelight. We have this perfect little piano nook that we’ve covered in twinkle lights. I could play all night. — Bethany Jepsen Tutungi

2. After a long work week I look forward to waking up early on Saturday just as the sun is beginning to rise. I watch the light enter my kitchen windows as the coffee brews, and the house is still quiet. It makes me feel cozy and inspired for a new day full of potential. — Monica Devine-Haley

3. Since my heritage is part Norwegian, I love the Norwegian word for cozy which is “koselig.” Koselig to me is heading out on the trail with my husband and our snowshoes, coming back to a fire in the fireplace, and warming up soup to eat with whole grain bread accompanied by red wine. — Sue Kaufmann

4. Listening to a thunderstorm rage outside while I am safe indoors — even better if I am also reading a mystery (Sherlock Holmes stories are the best). —

5. I have a long list of moments from my life that I feel the coziest like when my mother laughs, and I mean really laughs — the kind where she throws her head back and her cheeks seem to swallow up her squinting, watery eyes. When I stroll though flea markets and catch a whiff of that old book smell, or when the smells of spearmint and tobacco pipe find each other and I am gently reminded of a late loved one.
— Steph Busenbark


And there are even more ideas you’ll want to melt into inside The Cozy Issue.

But to get the rest …


The Cozy Issue will be available on newsstands November 1, 2018. Reserve your copy today: 

*The Cozy Issue is not included as part of your standard Bella Grace Subscription.

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  1. Melanie Roath

    April 19, 2023 at 4:25 pm

    If I have a mailorder subscription to your magazine, I will not get this issue, correct? How can I get it mailed to me?

  2. Bella Grace Magazine

    April 19, 2023 at 4:25 pm

    Hi Melanie, that’s correct this is not a part of your subscription but you can head to to order your copy!

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