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July 6, 2023

Social Wellness: 10 Ways to Reconnect With Old Friends

Social Wellness and Old Friends

As life pulls you in different directions, it’s easy to lose touch with old friends and let the threads of connection fray and fade. However, this Social Wellness Month can be your chance to refocus on these important relationships and your overall social well-being. Breathe new life into the cherished friendships that once held a special place in your hearts!

You can find in this article ten unique and impactful ways to rekindle the bonds that may have faded over time. Whether it’s going on a nostalgic day trip, sending a mystery package, or hosting a waffle brunch, such activities will help strengthen your social connectedness. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Social Wellness Month.

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What is Social Wellness?

Social wellness encompasses cultivating meaningful connections, fostering a sense of belonging, and surrounding yourself with a robust support system. In other words, it’s building and engaging in authentic, respectful, and trusting relationships. These relationships play a vital role in providing support during our challenging times and navigating the ups and downs of life.

Why is Social Wellness Important?

Social wellness is distinct from subjective and psychological well-being, yet these are intricately correlated. Over time, social wellness is a pretty good indicator of your well-being.

As you prioritize social wellness, you can build emotional resilience and navigate life’s challenges with strength and grace. And with a supportive social network, you’ll feel at ease in various social situations. Positive influences are the key to self-esteem and emotional wellness.

The Route to Social Wellness

Embarking on this journey toward social wellness, you’ll realize the surprisingly profound power you hold in nurturing your relationships. The path to social and emotional well-being offers numerous avenues for growth and improvement:

  • Put in the effort to keep in touch with supportive friends
  • Disconnect to connect – make it a routine to disconnect from screens, allowing for face-to-face communication and more meaningful interactions
  • Practice self-disclosure and active listening
  • Build a culture of respect
  • Take a moment of self-reflection to assess your social needs. What aspects of your social life bring you joy, and which areas do you seek improvement?

10 Ways to Reconnect With Old Friends

The first and most important step in reconnecting with an old friend is to reach out. Take the initiative and send a heartfelt message or make a phone call. Be genuine, reminiscing about shared memories and expressing the value their friendship holds for you. Making the first move shows that you still care and are willing to invest in the relationship.

1. Memory Lane Adventure: Plan a Nostalgic Day Trip

Social Wellness and Old Friends

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane by planning a day trip to places filled with special meaning. Visit the neighborhood where you grew up, explore the park where you spent endless summer afternoons, or revisit the local café that was your favorite hangout spot. As you immerse yourselves in shared memories, the past will intertwine with the present, reigniting the joy of old times.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby | Field Guide to Everyday Magic Issue 3

2. Surprise Snail Mail: Send a Mystery Package

Delight your old friend with a surprise snail mail package full of their favorite things or sentimental trinkets. A collection of nostalgic items, handwritten notes, or even a mixtape of songs will transport both of you back in time. The excitement of receiving a surprise package will pave the way for meaningful conversations.

3. Volunteer Together: Make a Difference as a Team

Reconnect with your old friends by giving back to the community together. Find a cause that aligns with your shared values and dedicate your time and energy to making a positive impact. For example, try volunteering at a local shelter, organizing a charity event, or participating in a fundraising campaign. The shared experience of making a difference will create lasting memories and foster social wellness.

4. Culinary Reunion: Host a Waffle Brunch

Reconnecting With Old Friends

Food has a unique way of bringing people together. So, a waffle brunch can be the perfect occasion for catching up with old friends.

To make it less burdensome on your end, each guest can prepare a dish. It can be a dish that holds significance in their friendship with you. Or, you can develop a unique menu yourself, topping it off with a DIY gourmet waffle bar. All guests need to do is show up and make their favorite waffles.

Here’s how Tara Berger, the owner of One Stylish Party, described the brunch in Mingle Spring 2023. “From sweet to savory options, I love that a waffle bar allows guests to make their waffles exactly to their liking. As another benefit, it allows you to prep and set up everything before guests arrive, freeing up more time to spend with your guests.” 

“I utilized my kitchen island to style the waffle bar and filled it with platters of fresh waffles and toppings for guests to make different gourmet waffle recipes. To elevate the look of the waffle bar, I displayed hand-drawn recipe cards that guests could refer to while making their waffles. Some recipes featured in the waffle bar included: berries and cream, s’mores, caprese, and chicken and waffles.”

For more information on how to host a waffle brunch and ideas for unique gatherings, check out Mingle Spring 2023.

Photo by Brittany Gidley Photography | Mingle Spring 2023

5. Collaborative Keepsake: Create a Friendship Scrapbook

Enter into a creative journey together by co-creating a friendship scrapbook. Gather old photographs, ticket stubs, and mementos that reflect your shared experiences. Let your imaginations run wild as you design pages with joyful captions, inside jokes, and meaningful messages. Not only does this help preserve your memories, but it also serves as a tangible reminder of your enduring bond.

6. Book Club Reunion: Start a Literary Journey

Ignite the spark of connection with the help of literature. Start a virtual or in-person book club with your old friends, selecting books that resonate with each of you. Engage in lively discussions, share your thoughts, and delve into the stories together. The intellectual and emotional connection forged through these literary journeys will deepen your friendship and provide plentiful opportunities for shared growth.

7. Wanderlust Get-together: Plan a Travel Adventure

Reconnect with old friends through the magic of travel by planning an adventure together. Choose a destination that has been on both of your bucket lists or revisit a place that holds significant memories. It can be a road trip, a hiking expedition, or an international escapade. Or it can simply be coffee on the beach or exploring a new town.

As a result, the shared experience will leave you with lasting memories and up your social wellness. In Bella Grace Issue 30, you can also discover 12 things to do in 12 hours in a new destination.

8. Fitness Challenge: Motivate Each Other to Stay Active

If both of you like staying active, what better way to reconnect than through heart-pumping exercises? Set fitness goals together and take on a fitness challenge that would improve your physical and social well-being altogether. Your shared commitment can be training for a marathon, a daily workout routine, or trying out new fitness classes together. Celebrate each other’s milestones, encourage one another during setbacks, and enjoy achieving fitness goals as a team. 

9. Creative Collaboration: Engage in Artistic Expression

Tap into your creative sides and let it be a conduit for social wellness. Explore various forms of expression such as painting, mixed-media, pottery, or even writing. Plan a day where you can gather supplies, create art, and inspire each other with your unique perspectives.

This process of creating something beautiful and meaningful together will for sure deepen your connection. If you don’t know where to start, check out this free mixed-media project and tutorial from Somerset Studio.

10. Mindfulness Retreat: Find Inner Peace and Social Wellness Together

Reconnect with your old friends through a mindfulness retreat. Choose a serene location where you can engage in activities like meditation, yoga, and reflection. The retreat will provide a space for everyone to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with their true selves. Through guided mindfulness exercises, you’ll strengthen your bond with each other and create a foundation of inner peace and social wellness.


Reconnecting with old friends is like hidden treasures waiting for rediscovery. It’s a chance to bridge the gaps of time and distance. And each step brings you closer to the profound impact true friendship can have on your social wellness. This Social Wellness Month, we hope you have a wonderful time nurturing the bonds that have withstood the test of time.

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