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A Smaller Take on Gratitude Journals

Most of us have, at some point, made it a goal of ours to start a gratitude practice, usually in the form of a journal. We also likely followed the…

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8 Practices for Cultivating Positive Emotions

In the pursuit of happiness, positive emotions are the threads that weave together moments of delight, love, and contentment. Within each of us lies the profound capability to nurture these…

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Social Wellness: 10 Ways to Reconnect With Old Friends

As life pulls you in different directions, it’s easy to lose touch with old friends and let the threads of connection fray and fade. However, this Social Wellness Month can…

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Unraveling Gifts

Words: Tina Zarlenga Photo credit: Johanna Love, Bella Grace Issue 2   “It is in the unraveling of this world that we are reminded where our true gift is found.”…