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Infinite Wonders Around the Corner

This time of year, it’s common to feel a little stir-crazy. The blustery days of winter are behind us, the weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and…

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30 Days of Cozy

  As we eagerly wait for winter to begin, here are 30 simple ways to embrace the coziness and comfort we all crave.

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Sweet Nothings

I’ve said for years that the universe tosses you gifts daily, and that you just have to hold out your hands and catch them. Most of those gifts are overlooked…

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Capturing Tiny Moments of Happiness

  The week is nearly over though I’m convinced it just started.   It’s funny how much quicker time seems to go by as we get older. Our days are…

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The Choir of Chaotic Voices

  The sound of a choir singing together brings to mind harmony, exaltation, a blissful sound.   It is uplifting and joyous. It can move us emotionally and with great…

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A Moment With: Bella Grace Issue 9

Words: Heather Taylor Issue 9 cover: Meagan Abell   “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer is an oil painting, autumn is a mosaic of them all.” — Stanley…

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A Thank You Note to Pretending

Words: Elle Harris Photo credit: Morgan Sessions   Dearest Pretend,   I’m writing this letter to thank you for never leaving me, even after all this time, after I went…

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An Ode to Gardening

Words: Amber Bartek Photo credit: Brooke Cagle   Imagine a lush garden in your backyard teeming with growth and abundance — full of life. You grow your own fresh ear…

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The Magic of Writing on a Typewriter

Words: Kayla Dean Photo credit: Kayla Dean   He carried a floral gift bag bigger than any purse I owned into my kitchen. My birthday present. I wore a dress…

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We Conclude the Grace Notes Blog Hop: Life’s Ordinary Magic

  Words: Heather Taylor Photo credit: Diana Foster, Bella Grace Issue 3   “I believe in magic. Subtle, everyday magic. Each morning before I give myself a chance to to…

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7 Tips For Creating Home No Matter Where You Go

Words: Christie Leigh Babirad Photo credit: Amanda Large, Bella Grace Issue 3   When I was little, I built forts with my brother, whether it was in the living room…

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A Day’s Worth of Simple Pleasures

Words: Ella Wilson Photo credit: Brent Cumminger, Bella Grace Issue 6   “For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought…