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June 16, 2018

What Gives You Light?

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In giddy anticipation of Field Guide to Everyday Magic Volume 2 (hitting stores this August) we’ve been revisiting our favorite pages from Volume 1.

We shared this Field Guide prompt with our readers on social media, and now we’re sharing their answers with you!

What gives you light?

French press coffee at a friend’s place, a couple hour’s road trip listening to punk rock, the words “you are right as you are,” & hearing from a friend who loves me. — Book.scoff

Being in my creative space with paint covered hands, the smell and texture of wet paint is very alluring. — Halleshobbies

Having a heart to heart talk with a kindred spirit. — Mybooknerdlife

Watching our garden unfold, especially through the eyes of my young daughters. — Katelynn Bose

Playing with my lab, Daisy. She is pure sunshine! — Kobelangela

Song birds…a setting sun…a long drive down a dirt road — Brydejune

Definitely a new tube of lipstick! — Joie Foster

What gives me light is the beauty in the details that Mother Nature creates. The intricacies of a flower bud or the sparkle of dew on a blade of grass as the sun rises. —  Loraliehoffortphotography

What gives me light is speaking Spanish. The words sing and connect me to my beautiful culture. The language is my home and my family. — Dreaminginspanish

Watching my two rescue kitties sleep peacefully. No matter how many mistakes I make along the way and how many regrets I have adopting my two darlings was the best thing I have ever done.  — aearhen

Watercolor painting and a good convo with my daughter. — Suejorgenson

Using my past battle with depression to help someone who is currently struggling to understand a new diagnosis within themselves. — Cheryl Jackson

Watching my daughters evolve into amazing young women daily gives me light. — Imsocreative72

Isaiah 58:10-12 talks about how when we extend our hand to those in need our night will become like noonday! In the Message Bible it says our lives will begin to glow in the darkness! THAT gives me light!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve girls aging out of foster care! This gives me light!  — Becky Smith Shaffer

My family, especially my mom. When things are rough, talking with her always makes me aware of the light and joy that are present and that I have overlooked. — Watersparkart

Spending time with my true girlfriends. None of us live in the same town, but once we all get together it’s like my soul is on fire and I’m rejuvenated. This gives me light and happiness. — Ekady

Watching the waves roll in, smelling the salty air and toes in the sand…I close my eyes and I am light. — Jenny_d_health_coaching

Helping others gives me light, whether it is helping a patient to navigate the halls of the hospital where I work or teaching a little one to read. Helping others lets me shine my light from within to my community and my world. — Stephanie Leigh

The memory of my father’s smile and the twinkle in his eyes. He taught me how to look for light, literally and figuratively. — Paulateach

Laughter, smiles, giggles and all things ridiculous that help joy seep into even the darkest of days. — Myjoyfullife_photography

An open window on a beautiful day. — Kaylinamalie

Planting the seeds that grow the flowers that nurture the butterflies and bees. — Poohshuman

Theater kids. I work with some amazing teens. Their creativity, kindness, and intelligence makes me confident in the future. — Rachel ‘Conway’ Schieffelbein

E.E. Cummings & Rainier Rilke, watching the dance of birds mating in spring, and sipping coffee on the back porch – bundled up, no matter the season. — Lollie_fleur

15 minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing first thing in the morning followed by a good stretch. Sets me up for a great day both physically and mentally. — Jennpipe

Teaching horseback riding! 35 years and still going. I love the horses, my students, being outdoors year round, our farm and the reward of doing what I love! It lights me up every time I walk into our 60-year old, big, red barn! — Dianebakerbaker

Sunflower fields, soft pillows, the words of Mother Teresa and blasting Creed with my earbuds while I exercise. A smile from a stranger, doggy licks, and hugging the ones I love.  — Sara Cowan

Messy faces. Strawberries and bananas smeared everywhere. — Mytherapies

Opening the light filtering system. My eyes. My mind. My spirit. My awareness. My camera. — Bethrunsaway

My morning walk with my dog – It’s my chance to be immersed in nature and it makes me smile to watch him trotting along so happily beside me. — Helenhobden

Watching spring unfold on the farm, hay starting to grow, calves being born, bluebirds moving in to the houses around the meadow, hearing peepers at night, and roosters in the morning.  — Penny Kleiner

Standing outside on a clear night, looking up at the Universe, knowing it’s more vast than I can conceive, yet I am somehow made up of those ancient molecules – that totally lights me up with wonder and awe. — Meri Arnett-Kremian

Watching the sun rise over the mountain. Opening the door to my dear friend. Sharing phone conversations with my son and daughter across the miles. A Friday evening date night dinner with my husband at a favorite restaurant . . . it is a tradition of 60 years. — Vi Ruelke Gommer

Meditation. It’s like shining a light into myself. Helping me figure out what I’m feeling and thinking. What I need to embrace and let go of. — Mamawelch_adventures

My light comes from reading and writing poetry. The lines, images, and verses detour around my head and go straight to my heart and soul. — Renee Howard Cassese

My light comes from my faith, the spirit of my Mother, my Olympic worthy ability to daydream, and my daily renewal from nature. — Gina Johnson

Singing “You are my Sunshine” to my one-year-old grandson while he watches me and smiles. That most definitely lights up my day! — Cathy Gawczynski

Witnessing the many discoveries my young preschool students make through their young eyes and senses. — Juliana Ciminelli Longiotti

The opening petals of spring flowers.  Their silent blessings of life lift me up. — Donna Cobb

I have a “looking place” where I go watch the sunrise. It never fails to light my day. — Gabriele Burgess


A huge thank you to all the readers who shared their responses with us — there were so many! Thank you for sharing your light with us.

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