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June 8, 2018

A Moment With: Bella Grace Issue 16 + Win a Free Issue

Bella Grace Issue 16 is 160 pages of self-discovery, breathtaking photography, and inspiration. You won’t be able to put it down.


This summer Bella Grace wants you to …

  • Make room in your life for what really matters to you.
  • Take pride in even the tiniest victories.
  • Capture the magical moments.

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Inside Issue 16:

  • “The Magical Art of Tidying Up” is put to the test.
  • Taking Self-Care to Work
  • Our readers share all the adventures they want to take — both big and small
  • The tiny things that give us big feelings
  • How to write a love letter to yourself
  • A portrait photographer turns the camera on herself
  • A love/hate letter to Instagram


Here’s a sneak peek:

Wendy Wolf considered herself to be a homebody that was attached to her things. Until she began traveling, which taught her what is really essential versus what is not.

Getting up extra early or making a little pit stop to enjoy everything that surrounds us may seem impossible, but Cherie Amos Sikking proves otherwise in “Tiny, Momentous Moments.”

Deanna George recalls cherished memories through her collection of margin-marked and tea stained books.

With so many things to love about Instagram, Marissa Schulze reminds us that it’s important to not get caught up in all the magic and remember that there’s more to a perfect picture.


Lexi Starnes gently explains the balance between capturing even the smallest magical moment in our life for ourselves, as opposed to for the eye of others in “The Bad Instagrammer.”

Bella Grace Issue 16 is now available on newsstands. You can also reserve your copy online at:


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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Gail Henderson

    April 19, 2023 at 4:25 pm

    I am loving this summer issue of Bella Grace. Thank you for the beauty and articles and thick pages for juicy writing. I have enjoyed this magazine for more than a year now. Thank you for its beauty.

    This issue is especially meaningful for me because, as a black woman, I so rarely see women of color on your pages. This time I have seen more two photos of women of color – it’s not a lot, but it’s a start. Thank you for honoring the beauty of black women as well. Please keep including women of color and children of color on your pages. Women of all ages and backgrounds read your magazine; it is delightful to see ourselves reflected on these pages. Perhaps you can find more women like Alisha Sommer, an African American woman whose Instagram page you included in an issue last year – perhaps you can feature more women like her in future episodes.

    Again, thank you for this gorgeous magazine that you produce. I enjoy it thoroughly.

  2. donna lenahan

    April 19, 2023 at 4:26 pm

    I am looking for Bella Grace issues 16, and 17.
    Where can I find them?

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