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September 29, 2017

What’s Playing?

Photo credit: Anja

There’s something magical about being in your car, alone, windows down and your favorite song blaring. Your hair blows in the wind and for just a moment, you don’t have a care in the world …

 Excited to share our newest publication, Field Guide to Everyday Magic, with the world, we posted one of its many prompts on Instagram.   What we never anticipated was the flood of marvelous responses that the post received.   So now, we would like to pass on a little bit of our fans’ magic to you!  

You’re driving in the middle of nowhere with the windows down and the music blaring. What’s playing?


shannon_kathleenphotography – Chainsmokers: It Won’t Kill ya.  

thevibrantkitchen – Mmm love this one! And always playing @petitbiscuit when driving for thought, for inspiration, and for creation. Also Ben Howard, Harper, Valis Alps. So many!!  

cocolady333 – I’d have to say Van Morrison’s, “Bright Side of the Road.” It’s just so upbeat, cheery and sassy with such positive lyrics and a kicky beat. I’m a huge Morrison fan anyway. That started about 5 years ago when I first heard, “Someone Like You” and really listened to it. He has such a unique style that’s jazzy & classy at the same time.  

wildflowerkat – UP! From Shania Twain, and Summertime from Kenny Chesney! Both are my go to songs.  

elements_of_light_photo – Depends on what time of day, and the landscape. Mountains = classic rock, agriculture fields = salsa, high plains and desert = folk and blues!  

drkarinlawson – Colbie Caillat “Brighter Than the Sun” and The Mowgli’s, “I’m Good.”  

samenamejane – 70’s all the way  

abitquirkyy – Hmmm, it would be Coldplay, specifically their song Clocks.  

sig0913 – My Summer Breeze CD or Jon Bon Jovi  

leftydeb56 – Amber, by 311  

shenanigans.71 – Tigerman Woah or my Spotify “Singles” playlist  

making.pretty.plans – Probably Jason Isbell  

wildfreeillustration – All Summer Long. Kid rock.  

theartsysandpiper – Down in the Islands by Zac Brown Band always transports me back to my sunny, wind in my hair, no worries happy place!  

catherinemariej – Maroon 5!  

delfiaann – Hands down Billy Joel … greatest hits  

lisaselow – Tumbling Dice by The Rolling Stones  

kcreatives – Alabama, Zac Brown, or Johnny Cash. Maybe some George Strait  

kacollis – Anything Lana Del Rey.  

sublimesoul1 – Celine Dion  

suzanne_birkholz – Rolling Stones greatest hits  

lynng.schnauzelda – One song I’d be belting out is Jack & Diane by John Cougar.  

the_elegant_leopard – Depends on the time of year. On a hot summer day, probably “La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin or “Summertime” by Fresh Prince. Other times of year, depends on my mood, the weather and what’s on the radio. #random  

ismiseanaishling@wyvernlingo and @daint #saintsister for contemplating  

esseyaich – Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” and anything by Chicago in the late 70s to early 80s.  

type_mantra – All Needtobreathe all the time.  

dadeshirley – Anything by the Purple one, Prince. Love me some Prince.  

naras_land – Garota de Ipanema (Ipanema’s girl) Tom Jobim is very soft Brazilian bossa nova. Makes me feel beautiful and all around.  

loiepopo – Counting Crows!!!  

mhplinda – Listening to Kenny Chesney and sing every song as loud as I can!!  

amylisa_rivkah – Keith Urban, Josh Blakesley and Matt Maher!!  

goodeyesniper83 – Madman Across the Water by Elton John or Wildflowers by Tom Petty.  

naras_land – Beautiful Day – U2  

reginaraanholete – “I do” by Colbie Caillat  

wherethewatersflow – OKA, most beautiful  

brandylee – Anything by THRICE  

emilylewiscreative – Evening drive in the middle of nowhere…Lord Huron’s “Strange Trails”. But if I’m being REALLY silly I’ll blast “Take On Me” by Aha and car dance my heart out!  

squirrelmstr1 – Master of Puppets by Metallica lol….obey, your, Master. MASTER!  

sappysara – Slow hands by Niall Horan! My hubby and I jam out whenever we are driving to get away!!  

simplylaurame – Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts! 

glammandfabb – Drive by Incubus  

my_sweet_kentucky_road – Empire State of Mind -Jay Z & Alicia Keys  

mrscampos2u – Boys of Summer – Don Henley It will ALWAYS be my “windows down” song…  

suzyschwanke  – Rush…of course  

martha.lewis15 – The Staves… always takes me away even if I’m not driving.  

bookscupsandcandles‘ – Don’t stop me now: Queens anthem!  

chictiquescafe – Gavin DeGraw, Paul McCartney, Bonnie Raitt, Bruno Mars–cuz I’m in the car with my daughter  

mcannon53 – Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 and One Moment in Time  

yellowhousedays – Tom Petty or the Dixie Chicks!  

heretotherelifecoaching – Blues Music!  

rachel.welch622 – Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap  

dmeiclark – “You give me fever” by Buddy Guy  

suertj – Omg, sooo many different artists! The war on Drugs, Tom Waits, Lord Huron, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, Of monsters & men. Right now I love Michael Kiwanuka. I love a bit of everything.  

mknyveld – A great driving jam is “Take the Long Way” by a Canadian band called Po’ Girl. It’s kinda folksy with a great beat about driving with friends.  

wanderinggaladriel – It depends on my mood and which “middle of nowhere” we’re talking about. Gaelic Storm, Old Blind Dogs, or a favorite opera (too many to list here) are a few standards.   @

ajaxac – The Eagles  

thechroniclesoffarnia – Albinoni’s adagio…because it is the wind, the waves, the sky…the smallest flower, a beautiful butterfly…a field of wheat, an apple orchard. And it makes me weep with the sheer majesty of it all. Everything, including his music, surrounds me & I am blessed.  

tatterededge -Little River Band cause that has been our road tripping music for 27 years. It came with the husband.  

calimama1228 – Jack Johnson, IZ, Chris Stapleton, and if I feel like car dancing I’ll throw on some Justin Timberlake. 🙂  

windramdesign – Butterfly by wearing scars  

thebreitlife – Justin Moore….. “Flying Down the Back Roads”  

mhansen53 – God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood!!! I blare it even in the city with the windows down!!!!  

kellymsky – Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran  

joann.henryphillips – Lord Huron. Or really old school, Don’t Look Back by Boston, the music of the Rocky Mountains in my youth…  

sandicraft1 – Tom Petty *Learning To Fly *  

kjsafris – Phantom of the Opera  

alexa25624 – Blake Shelton’s Loaded CD!  

justbe8 – Spoon, the Weekend and Lionel Ritchie (the Commodores). I like a little bit of all genres mixed up! (Shuffled)  

carolynrauh – I’m Free, Free Falling… :-)))  

tammer210 – Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down the Dream  

dawnswitzerphotography – Anything Neil Diamond!!!!  

kellyish – Journey!  

clara918 – Anything from an alternative compilation CD to Christian heavy metal. Somehow Tim McGraw sneaks in there too if the middle of nowhere is literally the middle of nowhere.  

nikysama – So, I thought for some reason it was winter time, nevertheless I live in Puerto Rico and the weather would be hot anyways- I think my radio would have some @nsync “Do Your Thing.” That song is so empowering and positive!!  

danyellily – Letting the Night Roll by Justin Moore  

julietjetset – 90’s boy bands!  

wildchildmagic79 – Mumford & Sons, Aerosmith (think Big Ones), Kenny Chesney, Guns N Roses… all the “feel good, sing out loud, and take me back” stuff!  

becky.ripley – Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Brandi Carlile  

nikysama@nikysama *live in Puerto Rico  

ekady – Van Morrison, Caravan  

sunnydaysandwildflowers – “Blue Sky” The Allman Brothers  

michellemadethis – Love this!! My fav would be Colbie Caillat! I so want to share this 😀  

sharon_shanti_yoga – Love this! Anything Janis.  

gingerfancy – “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2  

oceanjewelimages – Florence and the Machine, Cosmic Love or Dave Matthews Band, Grey Street! 🙂  

pegi_griffin_everett – “Sugar” ~ Adam Levine, anything Michael Buble, Earth, Wind, and Fire!  

A big “thank you” to all our fans that contributed to this post. Thank you for giving us the inspiration we needed for our next car ride.

What’s playing in your car?

Find us on Instagram for more inspiration and chances to respond to future prompts: @BellaGraceMagazine  

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