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A Smaller Take on Gratitude Journals

Most of us have, at some point, made it a goal of ours to start a gratitude practice, usually in the form of a journal. We also likely followed the…

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8 Practices for Cultivating Positive Emotions

In the pursuit of happiness, positive emotions are the threads that weave together moments of delight, love, and contentment. Within each of us lies the profound capability to nurture these…

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What Gives You Light?

In giddy anticipation of Field Guide to Everyday Magic Volume 2 (hitting stores this August) we’ve been revisiting our favorite pages from Volume 1. We shared this Field Guide prompt…

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Capturing Tiny Moments of Happiness

  The week is nearly over though I’m convinced it just started.   It’s funny how much quicker time seems to go by as we get older. Our days are…

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The Choir of Chaotic Voices

  The sound of a choir singing together brings to mind harmony, exaltation, a blissful sound.   It is uplifting and joyous. It can move us emotionally and with great…

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Stumbling Upon Beautiful in Venice

  Perhaps it is the glossy pictures in magazines or the romantic gondola rides featured in films that romanticise Venice. Yet, as I meandered across the canals of the city…

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An Ode to Tea

Words: Ella Wilson Photo credit: Ella Wilson   Tea, you and I go way back.   I first heard about you when I was about three or four years old.…

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20 Tiny Victories Worth Celebrating

Words: Christen Hammons Photo credit: Nasos Zovoilis, Bella Grace   We’ve all had those days — maybe even weeks or months — where absolutely nothing seems to go right. Your…