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15 Ways to Embrace Joy & Delight This Spring

I’ve never been one to make serious resolutions when a new year arrives and instead take two different approaches. I think of the things I will not be doing in…

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30 Letters to Write in 30 Days

Embracing the art of letter writing is a wonderful way to add a romantic touch to your everyday life. The thought of sitting down with some beautiful stationery and penning…

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17 Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes to Live By

Words: Hayley Solano Photo credit: Hayley Solano   On a Sunday morning not too long ago, I was sitting at the coffee table with a cup of tea and notebook,…

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17 Perfectly Imperfect Things Everyone Secretly Loves

Words: Heather Taylor Photo credit: Michela Ravasio, Bella Grace Issue 4   Confession: sometimes I secretly wish I lived a “Pinterest worthy life.” In the carefully curated Pinterest world, everything…