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June 24, 2019

The Bella Poet Society: Volume 1

The Bella Poet Society: Volume 1

Photo credit: Hayley Solano

We receive countless poetry submissions for our magazine and are thrilled to create a special home for them here on our blog! Introducing: The Bella Poet Society, where you will discover inspiration in a selection of heartfelt poems. Today we begin with Volume 1, featuring poets, Sara Kay Hartmann, Cassie A. Green, and Sophia Buffalino. Be inspired by their beautiful words below:

The Bella Poet Society: Volume 1

Hello, I am by Sara Kay Hartmann


Hello, I am a


coffee glugger,



naptime snuggler,



monster scarer,



chocolate sharer,



instagram scroller,



dandelion blower,



magic lover,



happy mother.


Lizaliese by Cassie A. Green

Spirit filled fighter.
She wore
Viking colors and
Facial stripes.
With a fierce heart
Her free will unanchored.
Kissed by feathered wings,
Glowing vibrant dreams,
And there she stood…

At the edge and in the midst.
Captive born,
But freedom sworn.
The wind to her cheek,
A warrior’s calling.


A Place of Embers by Sophia Buffalino

Bring the waves to my soul

In the form of a song

Serenade me with static whispers

Of singing boxes all night long

Dream with me about dirty copper pots

And windowsills full of phlox

As we watch peterpan


If you connect my dots

Darling, it’s just astral sand

It sparkles because it knows

My thoughts on



Oh, you see

I can’t stay.

My home is in the stars and the sea

Where they meet

You will find me.


And if you miss my laugh

My voice is sleeping in the trees

When the wind kisses the leaves

You will find me.


Yes, I am gone

But it’s only because

Everywhere I belong

Is everywhere

Long stories are being told by street names

And ovens older than cities

Bustling and busy where no one knows

That the windows gossip and pity

Their lack of interest in what’s said,

Fresh bread,

Instead they push umbrellas at the rain.


And so, my love,

If you can’t bear to remember my name

If you crave the warmth of it

Leaving your lips,

Simply sip

On hot tea and take a bit

Of comfort in the similar taste of mine.


Remember that you chose

To love a place of embers

Don’t forget that you chose

A force of nature to

Love and cherish

I had told you long ago

That my head lives where my body is not

And if you were to hold too tightly,

Then I would perish.


If you would like to submit your poetry to be featured on our blog, send your poems to: [email protected]

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  1. Wanda

    April 19, 2023 at 4:25 pm

    Lovely poetry. So glad to see you start this segment.

  2. Terry Gassett

    April 19, 2023 at 4:25 pm

    How wonderful that there is now a Bella Poet Society where we can come and fill our hearts and minds with beautiful words.
    Thank you for Volume 1 which I thoroughly enjoyed!

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